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Placuna Shell

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Placuna Shells available in various pack sizes
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Placuna shells are also known as 'Windowpane Oysters', they are part of the saltwater clam family. Placuna's live on shallow, muddy-bottomed waters and are extensively collected in the Indo-West Pacific regions where they are farmed. The shells where originally used as glass substitutes in glazing, but are nowadays used in the manufacture of trays, lampshades and numerous decorative items. 

Our Placuna's are typically between 10 -15cm with an attractive pearly white finish, almost translucent in places, with a stunning silver colour along their edge. 

Ideas: Placuna shells are excellent for interior and exterior decoration as well as retail window displays. Our shells have used for photo-shoots, decoration in restaurants, event theming as well as art & craft projects. Being larger in size they are perfect for details in aquariums or making a shell mobile.

All of our shells are from approved sources and have been thoroughly cleaned.

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