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Caput Cowrie shells

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Caput Cowrie shells


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Caput Cowries are a variety of sea snail from the family: Cypraeidae.  Valued for their porcelain-like translucent appearance, striking colours and  unusual flat bottom egg shape.  The pattern on the Cowry is very decorative with its spotted top and deep brown borders, gradually fading to lighter tones underneath into the teeth effect opening.

Fun Fact: The cowry was the shell most widely used worldwide as shell money!

Size: Approx 2cm in size

Ideas: Caput Cowries are excellent for interior and exterior decoration as well as retail window displays. Our shells have used for photo-shoots, decoration in restaurants, event theming as well as art & craft projects.  Being small in size the shells are particularly suited to creating shell boxes and invitation cards. 

All of our shells are from approved sources and have been thoroughly cleaned.


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