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Alabone Shell

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Alabone Shells available in various pack sizes
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Abalone shells are a type of edible Sea Snails, part of the family Haliotidae. The shells of Abalones have a flat, open spiral structure and are uniquely characterised by their open respiratory pores that form a row along the shells outer edge. On the underside you will find their stunning mother of pearl finish. A beautiful shell with two very different faces to it!

Majority of Abalone shells are found in cold waters such as off the coast of New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, Western North America and Japan. 

Ideas: Abalone shells are excellent for interior and exterior decoration as well as retail window displays. Our shells have used as photo-shoot props, decoration in restaurants, event theming as well as art & craft projects. Being a little larger in size they are perfect for details in aquariums or equally lovely on their own on a shelf display in your home.

All of our shells are from approved sources and have been thoroughly cleaned.


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