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Natural dried chamomile, wonderfully aromatic, suitable for crafting and natural biodegradable confetti
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Natural Crafts chamomileis 100% natural petals from our selected farmers in Egypt. Chamomile is picked and the carefully dried to produce a wonderful sweet scent similar to apple.

As natural products colours do differ from harvest to harvest and batch to batch but we work very closely with the farmers to ensure quality.

Chamomile is popular in a wide range of crafts from soap making to natural confetti. Our chamomile is 100% natural, we do not add any fragrance to the petals, any aroma is simply from the chamomile itself.

Making confetti is very simple and you can mix rose petals with chamomile, callendula, cornflower, lavender and heather grains safely without any risk of dye leaching from the petals we would not recommend mixing with mallow flower or saffron.

We recommend a confetti mixture to be based on rose petals initially - approx 50%. You can then add your preference of blue, pink, red, black and white cornflower, chamomile, callendula, heather grains and peony rose petals.   

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