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Silver/Grey Reindeer Moss

Product SKU: silver-icelandic-moss
Silver/Grey Icelandic reindeer moss - excellent for crafting, model making, interior and exterior decoration.
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This silver grey coloured Reindeer Moss has been colour treated and softened without the addition of any toxins or dangerous chemicals. The moss colours are non-fading and do not smear easily. Our dyed reindeer moss will stay stable over long periods of time, making it excellent for interior décor and installations use. We pick out all the little forest floor extras like pine needles etc to give you the best quality product.

This reindeer moss is indigenous to Norway's forests and mountain areas, where carefully controlled harvesting is of the utmost importance. Reindeer moss has been used for decorative purposes for hundreds of years, it is wonderfully versatile.

SIZE AID: 500g of moss will cover an A4 sheet size (45x30cm) area to a depth of 5cm. A full box size is 39cm(w) x 59cm (h) x 21cm (H), note the full box is the only option that is unpicked so you will have a few pine needles in there.

IDEAS: Reindeer moss can be used to cover the dirt base of a potted plant, wrap the roots of air plants, add an eye-catching detail to your succulent plants’ terrarium by adding some lovely coloured moss to decorate.

Reindeer moss is an excellent model making material for war hammer & model railway detailing, Dolls house gardens, birdhouse & fairy gardens.

Looking to add a touch of natural beauty to your home? Our preserved red reindeer moss is a versatile and long-lasting option for adding texture and color to your decor. Explore our ideas and inspiration for incorporating this moss into your home.

Floral designers love using our preserved red reindeer moss to add a natural and textural element to their arrangements. Discover how our moss can enhance the beauty of your floral creations.

If you're planning a rustic or woodland-themed wedding, our preserved red reindeer moss is a must-have decor element. Learn how to incorporate this moss into your centerpieces, tablescapes, and other wedding decor.

Artists and crafters love using our preserved red reindeer moss to add dimension and texture to their projects. Explore our ideas for using this moss in sculpture, mixed media art, and other creative endeavors.

Green walls are a popular and eco-friendly way to add a living element to your indoor space. Our preserved red reindeer moss is a great option for creating a lush and natural-looking green wall that requires minimal maintenance.

Reindeer Moss is 100% natural, sustainable has endless possibilities with so many colours to choose from!