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5 Ready-mix Pouring Paint Set

Product SKU: 4002P5S
Primo's 5 Ready-Mix Pouring Paint Set is the perfect affordable acrylic paint set for beginners. Includes 5 different colors of ready-mix pouring paint.


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Primo's 5 Ready-Mix Pouring Paint Set is the perfect affordable solution for those looking to get started with acrylic pouring. This set includes 5 different colors of our ready-mix pouring paint, making it easy to create beautiful, vibrant acrylic pour paintings.

This pouring paint set for beginners is perfect for artists of all skill levels. The ready-mix pouring paint eliminates the need for any additional mixing, making it easy and convenient to use. The paint is also formulated to provide consistent results, ensuring that your paintings come out beautifully every time.

Primo's affordable pouring paint set is perfect for artists on a budget. It's also a great gift for anyone looking to get started with acrylic pouring.

This acrylic pouring paint set includes the following colors: red, yellow, blue, white, and black. The multiple colors available in this set make it easy to create a wide range of different acrylic pour paintings.

Get your Primo 5 Ready-Mix Pouring Paint Set today and start creating beautiful acrylic pour paintings with ease!

Pour one colour at a time on the substrate. Gently move it so that colours slide and flow into each other at random. Once you achieve the shapes and streaks you prefer, let the work dry.

Pour one color at a time into a glass, without mixing the contents. Pour the content of the glass over the substrate and wait for the colours to emerge and flow. Alternatively, place the substrate on the glass, turn it upside down and lift it up with a more or less rapid movement depending on the content quantity. Gently move the substrate to let the colours flow; once you are satisfied with the result, let it dry. Important: paints continue to move even during drying.

It is normal for excess paint to spill out of the substrate, we recommend wearing gloves and an apron and protecting the work surface, as paint is permanent once dry.