CV19 Notice 24th March 2020

As the UK is now is lockdown, as of today (24th March) we have reduced working hours and both our Melrose and Lauder shops are closed - online orders will be dispatched in chronological order on a Monday, Wednesday and Friday only - this may result in delays to your order, but we hope you understand at such a critical time.

As circumstances are changing quickly, please be mindful of where you are asking your orders to be delivered as deliveries to closed workplaces is not ideal.

Finally as a small family business we wish everyone to remain safe and follow the government guidelines, and also understand our efforts to get things to you can still result in delivery promises changing without notice.

Gifts & Kits

This section contains all our craft kits and gift products that are naturally made that we produce or sell.  

Our craft kits are produced in-store and are made from materials that we supply and are 100% natural materials used and can provide good fun for yourself and your children. 

The candle making kit from sister company blackadder candles which has been tailored for us to sell that make the idea gift for budding candle makers and enthusiasts as well as other products such as bamboo ducks which make excellent gifts.