Lavender Bunch

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The lavender bunch is one of the most iconic bunches that we sell. Each bunch is naturally preserved and then lovingly tied with natural raffia. Bunches are around 30cm length and weigh roughly 100g. 

This particular bunch is harvested from the fields in Provence, France. Our lavender is highly fragrant and ideal for brightening up a room. Lavender scent is said to have relaxing qualities and is often used for its aromatic purposes not only this but the lavender is also used as an insect repellent and is especially effective with moths. 

The bunch has a delightful blue coloured flowers and beautiful green stems, so its sure to bring colour and life into your home. Dried Bunches are the 'in trend' thing to have in your home due to resurrection of the vintage style, its never been a better time to invest in one of our floral bunches. 

Lavender has been increasingly used in wedding bouquets and decorations in a vintage style wedding. 

  1. All our lavender bunches are packaged very carefully so that the lavender is protected and delivered to you in minimal petal loss.