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Cloves have a scent that warms a home! Naturally dried so they retain their aromatic properties to the full. Clove is one of the most famous spices in the world. Since cloves are so aromatic, they are a wonderful addition to potpourri.  Pomanders are made by sticking whole cloves into fresh oranges and allowed to dry.  

 Some other ideas:. infused and added to lotions and creams for an added aroma, make your own bath tea recipe, add to soap making for a gentle exfoliation, ground and add to bath bomb recipes, Infuse into a massage oil or ground and add to lotions for a gentle exfoliation

Fun Fact

  1. Herbalists use cloves to treat toothaches and bad breath.  
  2. Cloves possess anti-microbial and anti fungal properties.  
  3. It is said that cloves can curb cravings for alcohol.  
  4. Country of Origin: Madagascar