Spondylus Varius Shells

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Spondylus Varius shells are a type of saltwater clam, otherwise known as Thorny Oysters, found at depths of 30m. Spondylus Varius shells originate from the Indo-Pacific Oceans and off Australia, China, Philippines, Japan and Taiwan. 

Spondylus Varius are a large shell measuring 15-20cm, making them a great display shell, especially being in two parts. Ideal for aquariums, where your little fish can hide!

Ideas:  Spondylus Varius shells are excellent for interior and exterior decoration as well as retail window displays. Our shells have used for photo-shoots, decoration in restaurants, event theming as well as art & craft projects. Being a little larger in size they are perfect for details in aquariums or making a shell mobile.

All of our shells are from approved sources and have been thoroughly cleaned.

NOTE: These shells do have a sharp edge.